Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas in NC

I'm not going to start this post off by apologizing for my lack of updates. It's very hard to keep an updated blog when you don't have a computer. It's also very embarrassing to not have a computer. But, I think The Beagle and I are going to purchase one after the holidays - so fear not! My wedding updates will someday begin. (Sidenote: happy 7 months + 1 day of wedded bliss to us!)

Anyway, I just wanted to update quickly about Christmas. Since The Beagle and I are alternating the big holidays (aka Thanksgiving and Christmas) between our families, we had an early Christmas here in Florida.

How did we decided where to go where when? Easy - football! No, seriously. That is how we decided.

When the UF-FSU game is a home game, we will have Thanksgiving in Florida, so that we can drive up to Gainesville for the match up. When it's an away game, we will have Thanksgiving in North Carolina. It means we won't be going to any games in Tallatrashee any time soon - but that's a sacrifice we're willing to make to spend time with our families :)

So, anyway, we are flying up to NC tonight to spend a week with The Beagle's family - including Christmas. So, my dad wanted to have an early holiday together in Florida. I thought it was great, and it was really awesome to get to have Christmas dinner and open presents with my family - even though I won't be there on 12/25. It was also nice to share my Christmas traditions with Bobby for the first time. We watched "A Christmas Story" (he had NEVER seen it), ate the feast of the seven fishes, opened stockings and then gifts together. It was really nice.

I'm obviously nervous about my first Christmas away from my parents - since I know it will be bittersweet. I'm excited for my first real Christmas with Bobby, but his family does things completely different than mine. They get all dressed up and have a BIG family dinner with all the cousins - which I haven't had since I was about 10 years old. I'm used to a much slower, quieter, more casual holiday.

I can't wait to share pictures though!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bucs vs. Panthers

In an effort to avoid a football-free weekend, The Beagle and I went to the Bucs-Panthers game last weekend.

He's from North Carolina, so he loves the Panthers. Even though I've lived in Tampa since 1997, I've never really been a Bucs fan. When they won the Superbowl, it was cool - but I was more excited about the possibility of a day off school (didn't happen).

At the game, I finally fully agreed to be a Panthers fan - as long as The Beagle becomes a Yankees fan. I'm from NY, and went to NYY games in utero - so save me the "evil empire" stuff. I don't care.

Part of the deal is that I don't have to root for Cam. I hate him.

But, the game was tons of fun - especially since Carolina won!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Oh Urban...

Everyone else is chiming in with their thoughts and feelings on Urban Meyer taking the Ohio State job. I can't express myself on this topic in 140 characters, so here goes:

The first time Urban stepped down (winter of 2009), I was floored. I had tears in my eyes as I read the news. We were coming off an amazing season (a few seasons, actually) and if he couldn't continue, something must be truly wrong. I was scared for him, his health and his family. I watched his press conference and felt miserable for Shelley, as she sat there with tears in her eyes looking like a woman who had been to hell and back. I wanted Urban to take all the time he needed and get himself right. He gave his health to make UF great, so we should give it back to him so that he can recover.

When he came back just days later, I was confused. I didn't understand how he could take it all back, and I was sure Shelley was furious. But, I welcomed him with open arms. If he says he can do it - ok! Let's do this!

During the 2010 season, it was obvious that Urban was not fully present. When he "retired" in December of 2010, I was not sad, I was not concerned - I was hurt. I felt like it was clear he should have stepped down when he did the first time and that he wasted a season - and HIS time "half assing" it. I was more than ready for him to go. It became clear to me that he couldn't do the job the way he wanted to anymore. So go. We'll be fine without you. Thanks. None of the players were surprised this time around - they all expected it. That speaks volumes. I knew he would coach again - he can't not coach - but I figured it would be a few years. And I figured it would be Notre Dame, once Brian Kelly gets the boot in a few years.

Then he took the job with ESPN and I was slightly surprised at how soon he was ready to spend weekends away from his family. I know it's an infinitely less time-consuming commitment than head coaching - but wow, that was fast. Couldn't stay home for one year? Ok. He's a workaholic - I get it. Fine, call the games. It'll be weird to watch, but I'll deal.

And now here we are. Mere days away from him finally admitting he's taken the job at Ohio State. After multiple denials from Urban, I'm over it. You're lying to us. No one is going to care that your lie was based on a technicality.

If it were up to me, Urban would still be taking some time at ESPN. Maybe next year he'd start coaching again. Maybe at an FCS school - or an FBS school in a non-AQ conference. You know, build someone else up, go where expectations aren't astronomical and you can work with players who might never have a shot of being coaching by someone as great as you. Spend two or three years building up a MAC school...then move back up to the big boys, once you've proven to yourself - and to Shelley - that you can balance your life with work. Then come on back up to the BCS and be a good coach - as well as a good husband and father.

But no - that's not Urban's way. He's going to go to take one of the most high profile coaching jobs in America. The expectations there are the same as they would be if you came back to UF: BCS or bust. All the B10 coaches are going to recruit against him based on his record of flaking. He was raised a Buckeye fan? Don't care - he gave that speech about how UF was the "place to be" for him and his family more times than I can count.

Good luck recruiting when you "retire" twice in two years and then release statement after statement of lies. You're not trustworthy. Good luck having meaningful seasons with a school that is sanctioned from NCAA violations. Good luck with your reputation for no discipline at a school that has broken the rules and fired their coach for letting players get away with it. Seriously, Urban - good luck at tOSU.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Six Months - A Bad Blogger!

Today is our SIX MONTH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY! How will we be spending it, you ask? At the terribly romantic St. Pete Times Ice Forum... It's better than it sounds - we will be watching the Florida Gators take on the Wright State (googling...) Raiders! The Gator boys are top 10 (barely, thanks to tOSU - but don't get me started on those folks in Columbus right now) once again and are poised for another FANTASTIC year. I can't wait to root from our boys from The Beagle's corporate suite!

Also, I still don't have any recaps! Are you for real?? Yes, yes I am for real. I am terrible at this. But, my reason is that the pictures are only on The Beagle's computer and I don't have a computer, so I can't ever find the time to blog!

But I will. I swear. I will blog about our awesome photog, our world's greatest make-up artist, our awesometastic coordinators and our incompetent and rude caterers. (Oh yes, I did just link to them using those keywords. DO SOMETHING.)

I will blog about all of these things before Christmas. Maybe. I am thinking that giving myself a public deadline will help - but it probably won't. Sorry :*(

Super fun sidenote: I ran into Hannah on Saturday!! We finally met after so, so long! I've been reading her blog since before I was engaged (sorry, Beagle) - so it was awesome to finally meet her! Although I didn't feel like I was meeting her, more like I was running into an old friend. 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Elaborating on Auburn

I was just feeling guilty about never updating my blog. Then I went and read over what I had posted recently and I'm leaving so much out!

Back to our Auburn trip...

I had never been to Alabama (ever), so I was really excited to go. The trip was downright quick (I didn't even sleep!) and we had a blast in Auburn.

Roadtrip music
We stayed at the Hampton Inn for free because The Beagle's Best Man has tons of hotel points. On Friday, our hotel had a "tailgate party" from 5-8pm. We ate free hot dogs and drank free beer (and then took some up to the room). After asking around about what was THE place we have to go out to in Auburn, we received one answer: The Supper Club.

So, off we went. A cab took us the 2 miles to The Supper Club where we paid $2 to become "members" (for life!) and then $5 to get in. The place was dead when we arrived, but we didn't mind. We hung out on the back porch watching live music for an hour or so. By the time we went back inside, the place was FULL! There was another band inside and the place was rocking!

Everyone we met was so so nice and asked us where we were from - and when we said Florida, they welcomed us! I had heard Auburn fans were nice, but was a little skeptical. I mean, they're SEC nice to their opponents could they be?

The answer: INSANELY NICE. Basically, everything about Auburn is welcoming and friendly. The Supper Club even has a bus that comes around and takes people home at last call. Yes, a free school bus took us back to our hotel around 3am. Bars are open until 5am in Auburn (take that, Gainesville!), but knowing that we had a full day of tailgating, we left early.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Our Exit

I still browse the site daily. Partially partially for work, and partially because I love the stories and keeping up with other brides. I recently read this post about "the least romantic exit of all time" and realized that The Beagle and I did the same thing!

It didn't occur to me til a few days after the wedding that we didn't have a formal exit, but honestly, we never planned one. We didn't plan to exit to sparklers or bubbles or anything cute like that. The after-party was very much a part of the plan. So much so, that my dad scapped the towncar that was going to whisk The Beagle and I away in exchange for an hour with one of those enormous church vans. We had a driver shuttling our guests from the reception at Emerson Alumni Hall back downtown. Most guests were staying at the Hampton Inn Downtown, so those who were tired could go to bed, but the after-party was set for Lillian's.

We shut the reception down at 9pm, but it was beyond difficult to get people out of the room! I began collecting groomsmen jackets as a way to force them to leave - this made sense at the time. I walked out of my reception without my bouquet (apparently my dad found it and took it with him), carrying two seersucker jackets. Classy.

I found the van that was shutting guests and called shotgun. I waited for about 10 minutes for The Beagle to reappear, but he never did. I knew I would meet up with him shortly, so once the van was full - we left! Yes, I left my wedding without my husband. Whatever. Bad symbolism? Who cares!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Roadtrip Weekend

This past weekend we went up to Alabama for the Auburn game. We had a great time at the War Eagle Supper Club Friday night after taking advantage of Happy Hour at the hotel.

We met some Gator fans with an RV. They became our new friends after we helped them put their awning up.

We also made friends with some Auburn fans their supporting their cousin who was on the team.

After the (awful) game, Auburn fans could not have been nicer. A few guys couldn't tell what team I was supporting (similar colors) and yelled "War Eagle" at me. Once I explained I was a Gator fan, they apologized and thanked us for coming and said "good game."

The reason we picked this roadtrip was because we were concerned about winning and thought seeing them roll Toomer's Oaks would be a good consolation prize.

It definitely was. The trees look sick, which was sad, but it was definitely something from my SEC bucket list.

It was an ULTIMATE football weekend though. The next morning we hit the road for Atlanta for the Panthers game!

We didn't get a win then either, but it was still a fun time.

Amazing weekend.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I'm a Fab*Bride!

I am so so so excited to be featured on my work blog today as a Fab*Bride! The post serves as your sneak peek of our professional pictures - so go - go now!

Invitation Consultants Blog

Friday, October 7, 2011

Tailgate Tips

Hey everyone!

I blogged about tailgating for work today (I seriously love my job) - so go check it out!
Side note: Our professional wedding pictures are in - I've just been delayed at blogging recaps, since the pictures are on hubs' computer. I promise I will though!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Super Cool Giveaway from Hannah of GatorTales!

Hey everyone (one, one, one, one...)! I'm blogging about a giveaway today (ay, ay, ay, ay...)

What's that? Oh, that's the echo my blog has - because pretty much no one reads it. And I'm sure anyone who does read it, also reads Hannah's blog. But...I'm giving it the old college try (Go Gators)!

I've entered Hannah's awesome Gator Yarn Wreath Giveaway and (full disclosure) I get another entry for posting about it on my blog. I really want to win, since hubs and I are working on moving into a house within the next month or so. How cute would this be hanging on our door?
photo via Hannah of GatorTales
It would certainly help new neighbors get a feel for who we are! Anyway, you can enter the giveaway too on her blog...

If I can't win, then it would be super cool if someone wins because they found her blog through me. She posts some awesome stuff on the regular.