Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Elaborating on Auburn

I was just feeling guilty about never updating my blog. Then I went and read over what I had posted recently and I'm leaving so much out!

Back to our Auburn trip...

I had never been to Alabama (ever), so I was really excited to go. The trip was downright quick (I didn't even sleep!) and we had a blast in Auburn.

Roadtrip music
We stayed at the Hampton Inn for free because The Beagle's Best Man has tons of hotel points. On Friday, our hotel had a "tailgate party" from 5-8pm. We ate free hot dogs and drank free beer (and then took some up to the room). After asking around about what was THE place we have to go out to in Auburn, we received one answer: The Supper Club.

So, off we went. A cab took us the 2 miles to The Supper Club where we paid $2 to become "members" (for life!) and then $5 to get in. The place was dead when we arrived, but we didn't mind. We hung out on the back porch watching live music for an hour or so. By the time we went back inside, the place was FULL! There was another band inside and the place was rocking!

Everyone we met was so so nice and asked us where we were from - and when we said Florida, they welcomed us! I had heard Auburn fans were nice, but was a little skeptical. I mean, they're SEC nice to their opponents could they be?

The answer: INSANELY NICE. Basically, everything about Auburn is welcoming and friendly. The Supper Club even has a bus that comes around and takes people home at last call. Yes, a free school bus took us back to our hotel around 3am. Bars are open until 5am in Auburn (take that, Gainesville!), but knowing that we had a full day of tailgating, we left early.

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Erin said...

Sounds like a blast. We want to go to some away games eventually when Claire is older. Sounds like Auburn would be a good one!