Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Oh Urban...

Everyone else is chiming in with their thoughts and feelings on Urban Meyer taking the Ohio State job. I can't express myself on this topic in 140 characters, so here goes:

The first time Urban stepped down (winter of 2009), I was floored. I had tears in my eyes as I read the news. We were coming off an amazing season (a few seasons, actually) and if he couldn't continue, something must be truly wrong. I was scared for him, his health and his family. I watched his press conference and felt miserable for Shelley, as she sat there with tears in her eyes looking like a woman who had been to hell and back. I wanted Urban to take all the time he needed and get himself right. He gave his health to make UF great, so we should give it back to him so that he can recover.

When he came back just days later, I was confused. I didn't understand how he could take it all back, and I was sure Shelley was furious. But, I welcomed him with open arms. If he says he can do it - ok! Let's do this!

During the 2010 season, it was obvious that Urban was not fully present. When he "retired" in December of 2010, I was not sad, I was not concerned - I was hurt. I felt like it was clear he should have stepped down when he did the first time and that he wasted a season - and HIS time "half assing" it. I was more than ready for him to go. It became clear to me that he couldn't do the job the way he wanted to anymore. So go. We'll be fine without you. Thanks. None of the players were surprised this time around - they all expected it. That speaks volumes. I knew he would coach again - he can't not coach - but I figured it would be a few years. And I figured it would be Notre Dame, once Brian Kelly gets the boot in a few years.

Then he took the job with ESPN and I was slightly surprised at how soon he was ready to spend weekends away from his family. I know it's an infinitely less time-consuming commitment than head coaching - but wow, that was fast. Couldn't stay home for one year? Ok. He's a workaholic - I get it. Fine, call the games. It'll be weird to watch, but I'll deal.

And now here we are. Mere days away from him finally admitting he's taken the job at Ohio State. After multiple denials from Urban, I'm over it. You're lying to us. No one is going to care that your lie was based on a technicality.

If it were up to me, Urban would still be taking some time at ESPN. Maybe next year he'd start coaching again. Maybe at an FCS school - or an FBS school in a non-AQ conference. You know, build someone else up, go where expectations aren't astronomical and you can work with players who might never have a shot of being coaching by someone as great as you. Spend two or three years building up a MAC school...then move back up to the big boys, once you've proven to yourself - and to Shelley - that you can balance your life with work. Then come on back up to the BCS and be a good coach - as well as a good husband and father.

But no - that's not Urban's way. He's going to go to take one of the most high profile coaching jobs in America. The expectations there are the same as they would be if you came back to UF: BCS or bust. All the B10 coaches are going to recruit against him based on his record of flaking. He was raised a Buckeye fan? Don't care - he gave that speech about how UF was the "place to be" for him and his family more times than I can count.

Good luck recruiting when you "retire" twice in two years and then release statement after statement of lies. You're not trustworthy. Good luck having meaningful seasons with a school that is sanctioned from NCAA violations. Good luck with your reputation for no discipline at a school that has broken the rules and fired their coach for letting players get away with it. Seriously, Urban - good luck at tOSU.

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Hannah said...

My thoughts completely. Without a doubt. Rumor has it Shelley told him shes not leaving until the youngest graduates from high school - that he promised her this was their last stop.

I am also disgusted by how often this man lies on technicalities - he just cannot stay true. He did some amazing things at our school and I will forever be thankful for that but I also wish he kept his integrity in check while jumping ship to the next big thing. I honestly doubt his health/marriage will hold up through this new venture but I do wish him the best of luck as I'm glad hes no longer around here to play with our heart strings!